Monday, November 27, 2006

a milestone

my cute husband's 50th birthday was this weekend. saturday night was supper with family and friends at one of his favorite chinese restaurants in san francisco. sunday, his actual birthday, was cake and ice cream at the house with some close friends. he had a wonderful weekend! it was a delight to see him have such fun.

now it's time to go back to holiday knitting!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

time is flying

whew! it has been a while since the last post! who knew!? time has been zooming by. thankfully i have been able to just kept knitting.

i am up to my eyeballs in holiday knitting. the first of two felted clutches is done and i am halfway through the second. the base for both of them is two different colors of cascade 220 held together with a third yarn as an accent/texture. the finished clutch is brown and maroon with collinette prism in autumn as an accent; the other clutch is brown and green with crystal palace musique in heath as an accent. the clutch itself is a very fast knit. if i spent some quality time on the second clutch i could have it done in a few hours. which would be a good thing since i am real excited about seeing how these will turn out felted.

another project is a gray scarf. this is for a holiday gift exchange i have in mid-december. the scarf could be for a male or female, so it presented a challenge in choosing the pattern and yarn. i decided on a gray cascade chunky baby alpaca (i have this thing for chunky alpaca, not sure what that is about!) for the yarn and the men's cashmere rib scarf pattern from last minute knitted gifts for the pattern. i thought it a lovely pattern. plus it is a totally easy-peasy knit. so easy in fact i am making the same thing up in ry cashsoft dk in a milk in coffee colored brown for another friend. it is fun working the same pattern up in two totally different yarns. the gray chunky scarf is going to be long and thin while the brown cashsoft will be long and wide, depending on how long i feel like knitting. i think i may fringe both of these scarfs, which i have never done before. at the moment, the pattern and yarn seems to be calling for it. so i'll see what happens when i am done with them.

then there is the feathery light stole from exquisite little knits out of a beautiful eggplant colored misty alpaca/silk dk weight yarn. absolutely luscious! can't wait to see how that turns out. the color suits a dear friend quite well.

and there is the fetching fingerless gloves courtesy of and jo sharp silkroad dk tweed in emporio. i absolutely love this yarn and have made other projects with it in various other colors, but this color has proven to be a challenge. i find i can only work on it during the day or under very good light. i also don't do the dpn thing. so i am figuring out how to knit this up with two circular needles. so far so good. this is another project that could be finished very quickly if i just spent some quality time with it. but alas, since these are for me they have taken back burner status. but soon, very soon.

and last but not least, there are the socks. the first sock is very close to being done, but not quite there yet. i just keep it in the rotation and slowly knit away at it, knowing it will be done soon!

plus i got an opportunity to work at the LYS a couple of sunday's a month. just enough to pay for the yarn addiction! but with a regular 40 hr job and a family with two teenagers, my time does tend to get sucked up. i wouldn't change a thing, though. i am having to much fun!