Monday, January 25, 2010

in the still of the night...

i should not be allowed to make knitting decisions between midnight and 6am. though they are usually technically sound, they keep me awake way to late.

this morning's decision was frogging the hat from hell, yes the r2d2 hat. the big guys christmas present. the one that was supposed to take two-ish days to knit.

i thought of taking pictures of how the hat looked...which was cute, a bit pinched due to the strands on the inside being a bit tight, they were neat, but tight. i also thought of taking pictures of the piles of tangled, frogged blue and gray yarn, but it was very late, or early depending on your perspective, so i will leave it to your imagination on how tangled and twisted the yarn looked; sort of a combination of that weird octopus creature that pulled frodo out of moria and davy jones' beard, only in blue and gray.

sigh. so i am starting over. this time instead of strand knitting i will knit stripes and embellish once the hat is done. don't worry, i will keep you posted...

Friday, January 01, 2010

and a happy new year to you!...

a few weeks before christmas, the big guy requested an r2d2 beanie. he even provided a picture.

no problem; i looked it up on ravelry; got a copy of the pattern and bought the yarn. still no problem. hats are relatively simple and i figured this would not be a difficult knit. until i really analyzed the pattern.

the pattern calls for knitting the hat in stripes and then going over the incidentals with a duplicate stitch. or, following the chart and eliminating some of the duplicate stitching. i assumed the duplicate stitching is like embroidery, which didn't thrill me since i felt it would weigh down the knit. this left working off or reading the chart, which i don't do. so since i don't work off or read charts, i decided to transcribe the chart to written form.

what was i thinking?!

i have spent the majority of this afternoon transcribing this pattern to a form i could follow. there was a short time i thought poking my eye with a sharp stick would be easier.

but it is done. now for a head clearing walk before i actually start knitting. i will keep you posted.