Thursday, July 03, 2008

it really is amazing

i started blogging on a lark. i was a knitter who spent a good deal of time on the computer looking for new ideas, patterns, inspiration and instruction. i stumbled on a knitting blog, realized there were an amazing amount of them and discovered a whole new knitting world. little did i know when i started my blog what an amazing door i was opening to a whole cyber space community, both knitting and non-knitting, and the array of amazing people i would cyber meet.

since cyber space readers are world wide, there are few opportunities to meet a blogging buddy. but an opportunity presented itself a few weeks ago when david and tanita from wish i were baking came to visit their former stomping grounds. they were gracious enough to make time in their busy visiting schedule to meet for supper. for a minute or two, due to my crazy work schedule of late, it looked like we would miss each other, but everything ended up working out and we were able to spend a lovely time, meeting and visiting over mexican food. a delightful time was had by all and we plan to meet again on their next visit.

who knew when i started this babbling that i would meet and be inspired by some amazing people. i didn't have a clue. but i am very grateful.

p.s. the book in the picture is tanita's first book, a la carte, which had been released the day before our meeting. she generously gave my sweet friend a signed copy of the book. my sweet friend gobbled (pun intended) the whole book in one day, really liked it and would recommend it as a book to read. i think it was the line, "jazz choir is almost as good as making a souffle" that hooked her. plus we plan on making some of the recipes from the book together. what could be better!