Sunday, June 24, 2012

everybody's workin' for the...

so i got a job.  yup.  and i am thankful and glad.  it is great becoming part of a new community;  it is great doing something i enjoy and i am having fun.  the challenging side is i am scheduled to work 55 hours a week.  yup.  scheduled.  for 55 hours.  a week.  and i do that, if not more.  yup.  i am an hr slave.

sigh.  so it goes.

but i get to knit.  during lunch, in the break room.  or i walk to the nearby taco bell, buy a drink and sit and knit.  while knitting in the break room the other day, i met another knitter. a young man who makes up his own patterns.  we discovered we have knitted the same boy hats.  small knitting world.

the second week into the job, i went to the car to drive to work and noticed things looked a bit odd inside the car, like everything had been rummaged through.   i have this habit of leaving the windows down an inch or so.  well apparently someone worked that inch or so to break into the car.  as a rule i don't leave many things in the car.  but the day before, i had left my trusty yellow tote in the car.  in the trusty yellow tote were a bunch of work files, various little cosmetic type bags filled with items like band aids, neosporin, wipes, extra phone charger, all my cool pens and markers and, most horrifically, my knitting bag.  the thief left the bunch of work files, but took everything else.  including my knitting bag.  and inside the knitting bag was a lovely pair of socks i was knitting for my sister.  i had just turned the second heel, which meant i was on the home stretch. needless to say, i was beyond unhappy.  not only for losing my trusty tote, which i adored, but for losing my knitting.  why would anyone take knitting?  especially since the knitting pattern was left with all the work stuff!  it's not like the thief is going to finish knitting the socks!

this happened almost two months ago and as you can see, i am not quite over losing my knitting.  i have thought of going to the local knitting stores in hopes some non-knitter who may have come across the trusty yellow tote that had a blue and white flowered bag with knitting inside would have taken it to an LYS since they didn't know how to knit.  but it just sounds so...desperate or irrational to do that when i should be letting go and moving on.

i have had my sister pick out a new sock yarn from the ones i had in my stash.  and i will find a suitable pattern for her that will look good in the yarn.  but...

and so in honor of the socks that will never be finished, here is a picture of the one that was finished and the one i was working on.  deets:  sock yarn:  panda cotton;  colorway(s):  misty green and dotty pastel ( i was making one in each colorway; long story);  pattern:  soybean sock by christobel seneque.  lovely pattern, easy to memorize, worked well with the softness of the yarn and it was really cute.   i may make it again using this yarn.  but i will never leave it or any other knitting  in the car again!