Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the slippery poncho

i have been working on my daughter's poncho since late spring. the pattern is quite easy. a bunch of yarn overs and k2tog. no problem, really. except for the yarn.

she picked this lovely to look at ribbon type yarn that verigates from pink to green with globs of glitter spaced at regular intervals. it snagged on my crystal palace bamboo needles; it snagged on my hangnails; it snagged on it's fellow glitter globs. needless to say, knitting it has been quite the challenge. except that it looks great knitted up. it will make a beautiful poncho, albeit a snaggy one. and it will look great on her.

about a month ago, i dropped a stitch. it was an amazing reaction. it was like watching a run in a stocking, it just took off and didn't stop. the stitch just kept slipping farther and farther down. i sat there amazed that in a blink of an eye i lost about 5 inches of knitting. and then i panicked. i picked up the dropped stitch and wove it back up to the needle as well as i could, just so it would stop slipping. the next day i took it to my LYS. the master knitter there fixed it rather quickly, i thought, and i was off and knitting again.

until last week, when once again i dropped a stitch. and again it ran. i almost had it reasonably fixed until i fiddled with it to much and it wasn't fixed. so i left it for a week and picked it up again tonight. ended up ripping another 5 or 6 inches out, getting it back on the needle and having it look like a train ran through it in different places. sigh.

so tomorrow i will take it back to the master knitter at my LYS, have her chuckle at me while, hopefully, fixing it so i can be up and knitting again. and though i would like to be DONE with this poncho, i will have to patiently and mindfully knit it, in hopes there will be no more mishaps and my beautiful girl will soon be able to wear it.

until then, i think i'll have a cup of tea and work on that shawl.

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