Wednesday, April 04, 2007

tangled up in...

so there are a variety of things going on...

since i converted my shawl into a poncho, i don't really need another poncho. which means i have 1100 yards of atacama alpaca yarn in colorway 505. instead of returning the yarn, i have decided to take the plunge and knit a sweater. preferably a cardigan. since the yarn is variegated, the pattern can be relatively simple. i just need a pattern. nothing from my various books or patterns have caught my fancy or my gauge requirements (4.5/inch on size 7 needles). neither have any of the patterns at one of the free pattern sites i frequent. peace fleece has a couple of nice patterns, but i have no idea what the gauge is. so i am on the lookout. suggestions welcomed.

the big guy and i go to new york next week. he as part of the h.s. jazz choir, me as one of the parent chaperones. i have never been and i am quite excited. we are staying in midtown manhattan, next to grand central station. i only know of a couple LYS' in the area and hope to visit them in our wanderings. again, suggestions welcomed.

am taking my sweet friends pink skirt on the plane with me since the flight from sfo to nyc allows me plenty of time to work on it. also planning to take the cowl pattern from last minute knitted gifts, which i have started knitting up in a dark taupe color out of rowan cashsoft and my cute husbands socks out of a self striping regia yarn instead of the heavier madil iceland (yes it is ok with the airline, already checked. whew!).

i was hoping to finish knitting up a couple of hats before i leave so i can take the needles and the hats. i may be able to finish the cap, but the felted bell shaped hat may not be finished until after we return. oh well.

so for picture sharing, here is me with my brace. i have been wearing it 24/7 since surgery four weeks ago. i have a minimum of two weeks left. though my physical therapist says i am doing well with my range of motion, i am not allowed to lift any weight with my arm at all. thank heaven needles and yarn hardly weigh anything!

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DaviMack said...

Somebody suggested you'd take yarn back? Who?! They're obviously not a knitter. ;)

It sounds like you're going to have a good time, and that you'll have plenty of projects to choose from! Do enjoy some of the sights, though. While not a New York person myself, I'm guessing that if you have to go there, there're things to see.