Monday, August 18, 2008

what a delight

so i joined the ravelry "swap on a budget" group where the spending limit was $20. it is always such fun to put together a package to send some one, but it is real fun to get a package. on my doorstep on saturday was this box:

and inside this box was all of this...
who knew so much stuff could fit into a converse shoe box! there was a scarf; a hank of this great kraemer sterling silk and silver yarn that is screaming to become a stole or shawl; a citrus candle, a bottle of wool of the lamb wool shampoo; a cow figurine and udderly smooth hand lotion (yes i love cows!) and two packets of button chocolates, milk and dark! absolutely lovely! i was very excited and grateful. many, many thanks to my secret spoiler. you are the best!


Cindy said...

Your package looks great. Who was your spoiler?

Anonymous said...

In the last round of the swap I also received a Kraemer Silk & Silver hank (in white), which is becoming a "Plum Lotus Scarf" through the Ravelympics. It's a beautiful yarn and nice to knit.