Tuesday, January 06, 2009

rhythm of the night

i like the new house. it has a lot of pluses. more pluses then negatives. but one of its negatives is a pretty big negative. for some reason the internet is down more than it is up. and, for me, that is a big negative. mainly because i am an internet junkie. i use it for everything: paying bills, making appointments, coordinating meetings, recipes, reference, reading, learning, connecting and of course, shopping. and so, since i am an internet junkie, i really don’t like that our internet is down most of the time.

though there is an upside. i am getting to sleep at a reasonable hour. i stay up late so i can be on the computer uninterrupted. but since the internet is down, i have no reason to dawdle, so i read a book and go sleep. which isn’t a bad thing.

but the most important thing i have re-discovered without internet is my knitting rhythm. after a frantic fall, on new years evening my knitting rhythm finally clicked into place...make supper, clean the kitchen, do a general pick-up and knit while watching a dvd with my sweet friend. it was a pretty perfect evening. she is finishing up a scarf, i need to knit on my sfs sock 30 min a day and then i knit on my other projects. not a bad rhythm. it suits me just fine. except now i am staying up way to late...knitting!
project info: socks for soldiers out of knit picks essential in buckskin;
knit grrl stripey scarf out of a trendsetter tonalita in raspberry shortcake.


Renee said...

Ah, kinda like when I visit my mom and try to find free wireless connections in the neighborhood! But as a regular thing, I think I'd go crazy too.

But glad that you rediscovered your knitting mo-jo, that is always a good thing!

DaviMack said...

Wait - isn't the Big Man in computers? ;)

Glad you're finding your knitting rhythm again!

TadMack said...

I need to find my rhythm. Maybe it's time to turn off my computer...

WorstedKnitt said...

I love peaceful knitting evenings without the computer! Glad you get to enjoy them too :)