Friday, January 01, 2010

and a happy new year to you!...

a few weeks before christmas, the big guy requested an r2d2 beanie. he even provided a picture.

no problem; i looked it up on ravelry; got a copy of the pattern and bought the yarn. still no problem. hats are relatively simple and i figured this would not be a difficult knit. until i really analyzed the pattern.

the pattern calls for knitting the hat in stripes and then going over the incidentals with a duplicate stitch. or, following the chart and eliminating some of the duplicate stitching. i assumed the duplicate stitching is like embroidery, which didn't thrill me since i felt it would weigh down the knit. this left working off or reading the chart, which i don't do. so since i don't work off or read charts, i decided to transcribe the chart to written form.

what was i thinking?!

i have spent the majority of this afternoon transcribing this pattern to a form i could follow. there was a short time i thought poking my eye with a sharp stick would be easier.

but it is done. now for a head clearing walk before i actually start knitting. i will keep you posted.


DaviMack said...

Oh, my. You know, you have way more patience than I do. How long will it take?

WorstedKnitt said...

Happy new year's to you too (a bit late, am I?). I hope the hat will be worth all the trouble!