Thursday, September 28, 2006

bag inventory

the bedside knitting bag collection has gotten out of control.

each of my projects has it's own bag. i thought of myself as a finish one project start another knitter, but my bags tell me otherwise. i find myself shame faced. with christmas knitting on the mind and needed needles in the bags, i decided to take stock of what exactly is in the bag pile.

the red verigated mohair/angora scarf was the first to go. it didn't even make the picture. though it looked quite lovely in the pattern i was knitting up, i realized i probably wasn't going to give it to my mom. southern california doesn't really call for mohair/angora scarves so i will need to think of something else to knit for her as well as something else to do with that beautiful yarn.

next was the lovely but deadly slippery poncho. after plying my sweet friend with tortilla chips, salsa and those cute little mini pizza's from trader joe's she loves, i asked if she would seriously ever wear the poncho once it was fixed and finished. or should it be ripped apart with the intent that something else would be made with the yarn, like a tank top or t-shirt she could wear a camisole under. inbetween bites of tortilla chips and salsa, she agreed. two down.

last spring i started a basketweave scarf with some left over yarn, also for my sweet friend. i had plans to put ruffles along the bottom to snaz it up. i took it out ot the bag and realized how absolutely boring it was with the yarn i was using. i am not even going to check in with her. she needs a much snazzier scarf then this yarn will be able to provide. three down.

the bag holding the diagonal scarf out of blue chunky frog tree is once again accompaning me everywhere to be knit at whatever function i am at. though it looks more like a stole than a scarf, it is knitting up so well and looks so beautiful i am anxious to wear it AND free the needles.

and then there are the orange socks. though they don't get dragged about they are being worked on. i am proud to say i turned my first heel last night! now if i can only figure out how to pick up stitches. i better soon since i plan on knitting more socks for christmas! one bag left.

the bag with the pink summer skirt. this is the one that will probably languish around the longest. the hope of knitting this up so it could be worn for indian summer is not happening. not just because i ripped out two and half inches of knitting and started the skirt all over again, but because indian summer in the san francisco bay area does not seem to be occuring this year. so this can be my breather project. an easy, mindless knit that can be done inbetween all the deadline knitting.

now watch indian summer start tomorrow!

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