Friday, September 22, 2006

the gala

last week i was knitting my socks off.

my work place had a big 60th anniversary celebration this past weekend with dinner, dancing and a silent auction. i volunteered to donate a knitted stole with hopes the local LYS would donate the yarn in exchange for being mentioned in the program, donors list, etc., which they gracisously decided to do.

the original plan was to knit up the feathery lace stole from exquisite little knits. i picked out this lovely deep lavender sports weight alpalca yarn from frog tree yarns that was just divine. a little heavier than the mohair called for in the book, but i thought i would see how it knitted up. i was ready to adjust the pattern as necessary. so i did a few swatches, figured out what needle size i needed and cast on. the pattern is pretty simple, nothing i have not done before but for some reason i could not get past row three without having a extra stitch here or there throwing off the pattern. i spent the first two days casting on, knitting two or three rows, finding a flaw, unknitting, ripping out, casting on, knitting two or three rows, finding a flaw... i could have gone on like this until i got it right except for the fact i had to finish this piece QUICKLY!

so late one night, or early one morning, they intermingle a bit, i decided to put aside the lac
e stole for a quick knit shawl. i pulled out an oak couture pattern i had knitted previously and knew to be easy and quick. and easy and quick it was. i was knitting up to the last minute but the shawl came out lovely. it is just a triangular shawl with a yarn over edging. very simple but out of the lavendar alpaca, soft, warm and elegant. and it sold for $60. i was glad it had found an appreciative home. and doubly glad the buyer did not notice how one end had that frayed look of being ripped out to many times!

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