Saturday, May 19, 2007

yes, but what about the knitting?

i am so itching to start a new project. just the thrill of casting on a new yarn for a newly selected pattern. but i am trying to stay focused on finishing the projects that have been languishing on my needles for awhile. sigh. so much for new yarn and new patterns.

the project i have been working on the most is my sweet friend's pink tennis skirt out of sierra from cascade yarns. i took it to nyc and got a bit of it done on the flights, but since i am truly wanting to finish it, it is now accompanying me everywhere. the first 4 inches (10.2 cm) was a k2 p1 rib, but after that it has been just plain knitting in the round which makes it an easy to take everywhere project. i am about 1/3 of the way done and it looks pretty cute. the current goal is to have it done and wearable by the big guy's high school graduation next month. we'll see.

the next project i am working on is my cute husbands socks out of the chocolate and white lorna's laces. the pattern is from sensational knitted socks. i had my hesitations on using a fingering weight yarn, but this is knitting up pretty smoothly. plus the yarn is so wonderful to knit with, i find i am really enjoying it.

still on the needles is the cowl. it, too, is an easy knit and can be taken everywhere. but since it also is endless knitting in the round, between it and the pink tennis skirt, it is a little to much knitting in the round. coupled with the fact that i won't need this until next winter and that i can knit and knit and feel like it isn't getting any longer!

also on the needles is the flying v scarf from exquisite little knits. it is being worked up in mohair frappe from crystal palace. this is a gift from last christmas that is consistently left at the bottom of the knitting pile. it is quite an easy knit, if i would just spend some time with it, it could be finished relatively quickly.

and last but not least is the feathery lace stole also from exquisite little knits. this is being knit out of eggplant misty alpaca. for some reason, i have to really concentrate on the lace pattern, though it is quite easy. and since i have to concentrate on it, it makes this project difficult to knit in social situations. which is making this a very slow knit. i find i need alone time in order to work on it. the trick being, i need those needles for other projects! so guess i better find some alone time.

though i am knitting on all of the above projects pretty consistently, i have this agreement with myself that once i finish one of the above projects, i can decide what to make with the louisa harding suri ribbon yarn and cast on. i would really like a little something light and lacy to wear during the warm summer months. guess i better get knitting!

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DaviMack said...

Nah - it doesn't have to be alone time: it just has to be time where you don't have to be actually ... looking at anything or anybody but the knitting. I find that Discovery Channel is fabulous for this, as are most cooking shows. They keep others entertained enough to not mind, and you get to at least listen. ;)

Nice eggplant yarn, by the way. Really attractive color and it stands out as individual strands well, too.