Wednesday, July 11, 2007

two hits and a miss

sorry, couldn't resist. the allstar baseball game was played in san francisco last night and the whole city seems to be gripped by the frenzy of it all.

but it is true. two out of three project bags turned out well. the third one just fizzled.

the two that worked out are just square lined bags; the light pink bag has 12, count them, 12 buttonholes that gather the bag in an interesting way. the darker pink bag was supposed to be all frilly and beaded. i chose to leave the frills and beads off. which threw the casing off because one of the frills was supposed to be along the top of the bag, which helped create the casing. since there was no frills, i had to do something different with the casing. but it all worked itself out and i like both bags. next time i will try making the dark pink one a little taller so straight needles will fit without poking out the top.

the miss was the circle bag. it also had extra curricular frills etc. which i left off. which then prompted some modifications which didn't work out. so i thought i would modify the modifications just to discover the bag wasn't big enough to hold a knitting project. which ended my interest in the bag. my sweet friend modeled it as a hat with no better success.

sew until next time.


laurie said...

Hello from a fellow knitter and "traveler" for KVVS.
Oh, no, if the blue bag is big enough to fit atop a head, it's big enough for sock knitting!
All cute bags, in any case.

Teaandcakes said...

Those bags look great!

DaviMack said...

A second on what Laurie said: if it can fit her head in it, it'll fit a knitting project. You just can't fit all of the yarn, and it's only got to be one project. I'd say a hat would work just perfectly, with one ball of yarn, and on circular needles (a pair of Natura's, maybe).

That way you could take it places & be a little discreet. :)