Monday, January 15, 2007

a bit of a concern

i took a spill the beginning of last july. i was at a friend's house celebrating his son's 3rd birthday when i slipped on a slick spot and landed in a sitting position with my hands at my sides. i knew my right shoulder was in bad shape, but it felt like it had been badly jammed and just needed a good stretch. so i was gentle with it but kept using it. for the next 5 months.

finally in december i decided my range of motion was not improving and i still could not put weight on it, especially in certain yoga poses. so i decided to go to a doctor. there is a group of orthopedic surgeons who are quite well know in the county and who have helped quite a number of athletic teams with their various injuries. this group also did my cute husband's back and neck surgeries successfully and i trusted them. so off i went.

a couple of appointments and an MRI later i find i have ripped all 4 layers of my right rotator cuff and the muscle(s) are pulling away from the bone. the doctor drolly pointed out it didn't seem to be healing on it's own, so it is surgery for me. and after surgery, six weeks of wearing a brace that will keep my arm/shoulder in a "healing" position.

had i been told i needed surgery and then been whisked off to surgery, it would have been no problem. but now i get to stew about it for the next six weeks so i can get really anxious. and hopefully, prepared. i went through my sewing patterns for elastic waist pants patterns and then went to get material for them. my thought process being since the brace will limit my range of motion, it may be easier to wear pants that have no buttons, buckles or zippers. i'm not sure about tops though. i am a basic jeans and t-shirt girl. but i may not be able to wear t-shirts since i won't be able to lift my arm. so will a button down shirt be more accommodating? all of these things to stew over.

my sweet friend soberly pointed out that i would not be able to knit during that time. i said i had every intention of being able to knit but perhaps not the first week. where upon she promptly replied, maybe not for the first two.

i may save the really easy stuff for after the surgery, like the felted hat, so i can have something simple to knit. or i may just make the and then make another as a gift. or make myself a really cool felted bag. i would like to finish up a couple of lace pieces i have started so they can be done. and of course the socks and gloves. but after that, i may just make myself a scoochie shawl to wrap myself up in after the surgery. the possibilities are endless.


DaviMack said...

Good luck on knitting while in a sling! Perhaps crochet? That doesn't seem to take as much range of motion, from just looking at the people who do it. The other thing you may consider is loom knitting, if you're looking to still be able to knit while you're in a sling. It's pretty one-handed, or easily could be.

Take care.

Cheryl said...

A friend of mine does not have use of one of her hands following an accident and she's quite a prolific knitter. I am confident that as a true-blue knitter, you'll find a way to get knitting as you heal from your surgery. And truly, if you're ever in Dublin, you just feel free to join us...and I'd love to come to San F. Never been there and think it would be great craic...!