Tuesday, January 09, 2007

i didn't mean to! honest!

so i zipped into the LYS on saturday, just to say hey to jen and have a look see at what yarns were on sale during "secret saturday". since i was working at the LYS the next day, i wasn't going to stew about the yarns, i was just going in for a quick, light, look around.

little did i know i would be hoodwinked as soon as i walked in the door, because there it was, waving to me from it's cubby, the louisa harding sari ribbon...on sale! OMG! the yarn that had my heart and senses since it first arrived at the LYS available to me! i tried to be cool but failed miserably due to the very excited squeal of glee coming from the vicinity where i was standing.

i did respectfully made the rounds to see what other yarns were on sale but knew they paled in comparison to the sari ribbon. i also asked jen for suggestions on what to make with it, just so i didn't feel like i was making a frivolous purchase, heaven forbid! but in the end, it really didn't matter. i purchased two hanks, but have yet to buy the louisa harding book that has the great scarf pattern using two hanks of sari ribbon (some mental/financial blocking of having a book with the one pattern you need cost gobs more than the yarn that caused that need).

so until i figure out what to do with it, i will just admire it longingly and be thankful it is in my stash box. sigh.

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DaviMack said...

May I suggest that you cast on something with lace insets? A scarf would show off the ribbon, without totally bankrupting you (having been there myself, and had to purchase more). Something really loosely knit, so that you can see the ribbon.