Saturday, January 27, 2007

something simple

with the specter of surgery looming in the not to distant future and my concern that my knitting abilities after surgery may be stalled, the need to clean up some of the knitting bags is strong. so what do i do instead? i decide i would like a new shawl to wrap myself up in after surgery.

after various trials and tribulations about the yarn, the color, the pattern, i finally decided on jo sharp silkroad ultra for the yarn in a color called tamarind with a color called lake for accents. it is a chunkier yarn and i am knitting it on size 11 needles. i cast on three times with a different number of stitches each time before i got the number of stitches that sucked up the least amount of yarn yet gave me a size shawl i wanted. it will be a rectangle, hopefully about 60 x 20 with a small ruffle at each end.

and it is lovely. this picture does not do it justice. it drapes well, it makes a simple pattern look like a million bucks and it feels sooooo nice. as the LYS owner would say, it is a mindless knit. but it is so lovely. i can't wait until it is done.

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Teaandcakes said...

Ohh that looks lovely.

It always takes me three times to get the width of something to my satisfaction too.

Making something luxurious and knitted to enjoy while you recover from surgery is an excellent idea. I hope it all goes well.