Saturday, June 16, 2007

i missed the deadline

my sweet friends skirt was supposed to have been done by today. it is close, but not close enough, about 20 rows away from being done.

but it has been a busy week. it is the last week of high school for the big guy. grandma is up for graduation; the house is being prepared for a celebratory open house and the big guy is ready for his next phase.

i suppose i am also, but not quite as excitedly as the big guy.

but this is what it is all about. all the nurturing, the support, the involvement, the parameters, all culminate to this, his leaving home. i guess, as parents, we are supposed to look forward to it. but it feels a little empty. i have been told i'll cry the first week and after that it will be "who?". time will tell on that one.
in the meantime, i will finish my sweet friend's skirt.

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