Saturday, June 02, 2007

can i just tell you

i have to confess that i am pretty tired of knitting in the round. by some odd coincidence, all my projects, save the feathery lace stole, are being knit in the round. i find myself knitting a few rows on the feathery lace stole daily just for variety! which isn't such a bad thing since i really do need to finish this project.

my goal was not to start something new until i finished something currently on the needles. i may side step this by taking a sock class with the sock guru at the LYS (her june socks are lacy!). the catch being, the new project will also be knitting in the round! though i may actually try knitting on DPN's instead of two circulars. that alone could be entertaining.

and if knitting on DPN'S isn't entertaining, the ladies at virtual vacation knitting swap will be. i missed the knitting swap tea and cakes organized earlier this spring, so when i heard about this one i was really excited. if you are interested, stop by their blog site and take a look see.

in the meantime, i will be here, knitting in the round!

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