Friday, August 10, 2007

it must be mid summer

so i am in the midst of a knitting slump.

my sweet friend and i went away for an extended weekend last weekend and i haven't got my rhythm back yet. it did not help that work was absolutely slammed from the moment i walked in monday morning to the moment i left friday night.

also my sweet friend isn't home. she is visiting auntie pam down in so cal. and going to the beach every day. ahhhhh, to be a teenager on southern california beaches. that is the life. but i've been there and done that; wouldn't want to go back, but wouldn't say no to a beach house either. can you imagine, knitting on the porch of an ocean view beach house with morning coffee? i can smell the sea. or maybe it's the dog. oh well.

i am still in the midst of reading gobs of vvs blogs. you knitters out there are amazing! i am feeling like slow poke knitter! coupled with the fact that i have picked up my knitting once this week. oceane is so close to being done i can feel the bind off, as is the sari ribbon scarf. but do i dedicate time to finish them up. no. yesh. oh well. someday soon.

in the meantime head over to cass's shut up i'm counting blog. she is celebrating her 222 post by giving US presents! amazing.


DaviMack said...

You're not the slowpoke knitter, dear. No, not at all. And, besides ... summer here just isn't the same as summer elsewhere, where they're all stuck inside due to rain, etc.

I absolutely CAN imagine sitting on a porch, knitting, listening to the water. Sounds fabulous. You can rent beach-houses... ;)

a simple yarn said...

Glad someone else is having a bit of a slump! A lot easier when there's someone to share it with! :-)